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this is PARAN MAUM

spamming sites since who-knows-when

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This is KYOY's uploads archive community. All entries are public, joining is not necessary. It's currently closed to membership so just WATCH it instead to get updated. To look around the old uploads, just check out the tags in the SIDEBAR, they're niftily categorized like that for easy browsing.


Comment. It's the only way you can bring me joy—unless well, you can think of something else. I'm pretty much easy to please.
Don't hotlink or redistribute any of these. I may not technically own any of these but I did exert a lot of effort on them.
If you want to share my links, simply link back to the respective post it is in or this community instead—never the direct download link.
Credit isn't necessary even if I say so, it's just useful in case others want to know where to get them. Just never claim as your own.
Don't email me for anything. If you have a concern, please wait for my reply. I don't bite and I try to be as prompt as possible.
Unless you can think of a good alternative or reasonable excuse for not following any of these rules, just respect them and do so thanks.


DOWNLOADCOMPLEX dia/kazie/meic's sharing community

thanks to snubbly for the lovely layout